End of Summer 2012

How can two years have gone by? Well, lives are like that. I haven't stopped writing and reflecting, I just haven't done it here with pictures. Facebook screws everything up, as always. But I have figured something out - I have a bunch of really funny lists that have appeared through the years in my notebooks and journals, and on scraps and post-it notes. Those are fun to save and try to go back and figure out what was going on with me on a particular day.
I had some professional pictures taken of me last fall for work and social media platforms. This is one, and it's on the pedestrian bridge downtown. Being alone on that bridge signifies that I am ready for challenges, I understand that there is water beneath me, a city in front of me, and important neighbors and people to take care of. I take it all seriously. I also have two small boys that depend on me crossing safely, and one husband that believes I can and I will. And here's a an example of a list that I made just last Friday... pickup 315 bday gift 530 drop at Ethan's -6 drop at sockwars - 6 go to kinkos post office pickup at ethans 930 take to franklin practice 10am icm class midday What does that mean?!?!?!?!? More weird lists to come.

From 'To A Young Son' by Julia Johnson Davis

In your face I sometimes see
Shadowings of the man to be,
And eager, dream of what my son
Will be in twenty years and one.

But when you are to manhood grown
And all your manhood ways are known,
Then shall I, wistful, try to trace
The child you once were in your face?

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MY LITTLE ONE - By Tennessee Williams

My little one whose tongue is dumb, whose fingers cannot hold to things, who is so mercilessly young, he leaps upon the instant things, I hold him not.

Indeed, who could? He runs into the burning wood. Follow, follow if you can! He will come out grown to a man and not remember whom he kissed, who caught him by the slender wrist and bound him by a tender yoke which, understanding not, he broke.


We are so very glad that you are happy...
long may you keep so, my dear boy...
May you go on as well
as you have begun.
- Charles Darwin

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