Up Up and Away: The End of the Preschool Years

It has been an honor to do the hard work that I have done over the past six years to learn how to take care of Trip and Will. I have spent so much time with them on their terms and letting them be children at home as much as possible. We have had fun and also there has been a lot of sweat and tears. Now it is time for them to begin big school. I feel sad to say goodbye to this part of their lives, but am excited to support them in the next chapter. And as you can see from these pictures - it's TIME!

We went to the downtown library story time for our last 'stay-home day' together. Here they are looking at the mouse hole in the children's section - it's tiny and yellow, right there next to Phin.
Throwing pennies in the fountain after the picnic lunch.
At the candy&peanut shop downtown.
My biggest hope, aside from each of them developing a true bond to God, is that they will become really really good friends over their lifetime and share what they can to make each other's lives better. If that comes easy, it will be a no-brainer to make the community and the world a better place as they pursue interests, careers and relationships.

From 'To A Young Son' by Julia Johnson Davis

In your face I sometimes see
Shadowings of the man to be,
And eager, dream of what my son
Will be in twenty years and one.

But when you are to manhood grown
And all your manhood ways are known,
Then shall I, wistful, try to trace
The child you once were in your face?

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MY LITTLE ONE - By Tennessee Williams

My little one whose tongue is dumb, whose fingers cannot hold to things, who is so mercilessly young, he leaps upon the instant things, I hold him not.

Indeed, who could? He runs into the burning wood. Follow, follow if you can! He will come out grown to a man and not remember whom he kissed, who caught him by the slender wrist and bound him by a tender yoke which, understanding not, he broke.


We are so very glad that you are happy...
long may you keep so, my dear boy...
May you go on as well
as you have begun.
- Charles Darwin

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